Photo: AP Photo/Jose Juarez

Tristan Thompson is a valuable member of what the Boston Celtics are building this season, according to Jayson Tatum. The Celtics’ superstar talked on Thompson after his team’s loss to the Sacramento Kings Wednesday.

“He’s extremely important. Just his championship pedigree, his voice, his leadership, and obviously his play,” Tatum told reporters.

Thompson had one of his best performances on Wednesday night for the Celtics, finishing with 17 points and 10 rebounds in just 22 minutes of play.

The Celtics were on plus -8.2 in the 22 minutes that Thompson spent on the floor. However, the 2016 champion’s performance was not enough for the shorthanded Celtics.

Marcus Smart and Kemba Walker were unavailable for the game against Sacramento, with Tremont Waters and Jeff Teague sharing the minutes in point guard position.

After splitting their back-to-back games against the Warriors and the Kings, the Celtics are set to face the Clippers on Friday.