Bradley Beal
Photo by BoxScoreWarrior/ Twitter

The Washington Wizards are losing game after game, which extremely disappoints Bradley Beal. As of now, the Wizards are the worst team in the league with three wins and 11 losses, despite having two superstars in Beal and Russell Westbrook.

Beal, who is on a five-year contract with the Wizards, openly showed his bitterness towards the team, which is so evident from his comments. Former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins suggested the Philadelphia 76ers and the Miami Heat to make moves for him.

“It’s tough. We wanna win. I wanna win. This is why I stayed. I wanna win (here). I figure this is the place I can get it done,” Beal said, per Fred Katz of The Athletic.

This season, Beal is averaging 35.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game.