Anthony Davis on moment he realized LeBron James will have big game vs. Cavs

LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers
Photo: Twitter/NBA

LeBron James had the best game of the season so far. Coincidently, it came against his home team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Anthony Davis, who got the chance to witness LeBron’s game first hand, was asked postgame about when he realized his teammate will be hot in the game.

“Nineteen [points] in the first [quarter], seventeen in the first or something like that. It’s over,” AD said. “It’s one of the those nights for him.

He was getting to the basket. He was hitting his threes. Getting to the mid-range. Getting his turn-arounds. He wasn’t missing. He was having a very efficient game.

The late in the game, I think, he hit three threes, got to the basket, got the steal for the dunk. He was everywhere on the floor. Making shots from everywhere. After the first quarter, I knew it’s going to be a good night for him.”