Photo: Ron Turenne/Getty Images

Larry Drew is back coaching with Ty Lue, this time with the LA Clippers. Drew was Lue’s top assistant with the Cleveland Cavaliers when they won the Finals in 2016. Ty played for Coach Drew multiple times in the NBA and even went to his basketball camps as a kid.

(Via HNB Media TV):

“Actually, he’s meant a lot. I grew up in Mexico, Missouri and he went to the University of Missouri, so I watched him as a kid. And then, growing up in Kansas City, I went to a couple of his basketball camps when I was a kid. He doesn’t remember me, but that’s ok. But when I got drafted by the Lakers, he was an assistant coach and he taught me the game, and I watched film with him, and he taught me the pick & roll and all the passes, and how to make a play out of the pick & roll. So then I left the Lakers, I went to Washington and he kind of lured me to Washington when Doug Collins was the head coach, he was an assistant.

“So I played for him in Washington, and then I went to the Hawks and played for him with Atlanta with Woody for four years. And then he came to Cleveland with me when I was in Cleveland with the Cavs coaching, and now this is our fifth stop together. So, he’s meant a lot to me, just as a mentor. Just as someone who can see the game, who’s been a head coach before in the past who’s done a great job. But also, he was a great point guard when he played. So, he’s meant a lot to me, I bounce a lot of stuff off of him, and I need him in my corner at all times.”