Olympiacos returned to posititve results against Kolossos while Panathinaikos stormed by AEK in the rival game of the weekend. Read full review below:

K.A.O.Dramas- P.A.O.K. 64-68

A tight and close until the end game took place in Drama between the locals and PAOK who seems to be in great shape after the 6 consecutive wins in Eurocup and Greek Basket League. KAOD took advantage of their home ground and quickly got in front dominating the game and finding easy shots. 18-14 was the score at the end of the 1st quarter, but PAOK soon recovered, forced their own play style, and despite Zaras’ attempts, the halftime found Dikefalos leading 33-35.

PAOK kept the momentum going at the start of the 2nd half, but soon KAOD returned to the game because of their great discipline and continuous tight defense. However they did not manage to get in front for the time being and after 30’ the score was 45-47. Until the 35th minute, the home team was in control but PAOK stepped up, forced their opponents to many missed shots and got in front but with no more than 4 points. The last seconds found the visitors in front 64-67, and Marc Carter blocking the last crucial shot, giving his team the win against a very hard to beat opponent. MVP was Carter with 18 points while Charalambidis followed with 16. For KAOD Zaras was impressive scoring 18p.

Panionnios-A.O.Trikala 60-98

The fans were there but the team was no for Panionios who were a threat for only 10 minutes 17-25. From then on it was clear that the new team which is being build in Nea Smyrni, has not reached the levels everyone wants. Trikala took advantage of it and secured the win from the half time, 28-52.

The second half had nothing to offer, since the home team could not react and the buzzer found Trikala in front for 38 points. Ingram scored 21 for the winners and for Panionios Korolev scored 11.

Panelefsiniakos- A.E.N.Kifissias 68-79

Kifissia showed their opponents “who ‘s the boss” from early on, taking control of all major statistics. After a good opening quarter (17-27), Panelefsiniakos tried to react but they did not manage to overtake at the end of the half (38-42).

AENK stayed on control of the pace, and kept a safe difference throughout the 3rd (47-65). All Panelefsiniakos had to do was to remain close hoping to become a threat, but with Mavroeidis in great shape, the visitors achieved to hold on to the lead and walk away with and important win on the road. Mavroeidis had 20 for the winners and on the other side Markovic scored 13p.

Koroivos Amaliadas- A.G.O.Rethimno 72-75

It was a very close encounter in Amaliada between the locals and Rethimno. The lead was changing between the two all the time, with the half finding Koroivos in front 38-34.

Rethimno managed to control the rebounds applying pressure to their opponents via open shots and good offensive choices. However their defense remained the main problem for them, giving the home team the advantage they needed to stay in front after 30’, 61-58. At that point, Amaliada lost their concentration and allowed AGOR to get in front and control the game until the end. Faye was impressive again with 15 points for the winners who escaped Amaliada with max points.

Olympiacos- Kolossos Rhodes 93-65

“The Reds” took an easy win early this Sunday against Kolossos who did not give up on the game for 30 minutes, in fact they ended the 1st quarter in front 21-23. Olympiacos reacted and soon got in front after his players found their rhythm and concentration. The half concluded with the home side ahead 48-34.

Everyone expected Kolossos to give up on his attempts, however coach Koutalanios’ team did not come to Athens to lose hands-down. They reached the point gap to 3, but from then on, Olympiacos players showed they are far more experienced, forcing Kolossos to many easy mistakes that cost them a lot. 63-52 was the score at the end of the 3rd, but it was not enough for Milan Tomic who asked his players not to step off the throttle and secure the win with an emphatic way. The end of the match found Olympiacos winning by 28, but this point difference does the Rhodians no justice. Spanoulis and Agravanis had 16 points each, while Jamar  was the man leading the way for the visitors with 28 points.

Panathinaikos- A.E.K. 92-58

It is a derby match from the glorious past, but this time and after AEK’s return to Basket League, things changed with Panathinaikos storming past Ziagkos’ team, mostly due to their explosive start that send their opponents to the ropes. 25-11 was the score after 10’ with AEK players being stunned from the quick Panathinaikos pace and their great shooting totals. Not many things changed until half time, with the visitors clearly unable to stay close. 40-21 the half time score with AEK looking to give up.

Unfortunately there was no reaction from AEK this time around, and all the second half belong to Panathinaikos who put up on a great display, based on Slaughter’s scoring crescendo and Bochoridis’ 13 total assists. It is also worth to mention that after 30 minutes of play when the score was 74-44, Panathinaikos had a total of 13/20 behind the arc. Gist scored 16 for the winners, while for AEK, Sakota scored 12p. and led his team in that statistic category.

Aris- Apollon Patras 69-64

In a defense-based game between Aris and Apollon, the home team emerged victorious, taking advantage of their home ground. The opening quarter had a good pace with both teams focusing on offense, with Aris ending it in front 20-17. Returning for the 2nd, the home team tried to defend their lead, switching to zone marking and troubling their opposition. The half time score was 39-32.

Aris did not stop there and despite the efforts made by Apollon to cut the lead and have better odds at the closing quarter, coach Priftis’ players increased the lead to 10 (51-41). Apollon gave it all in the end hoping to grab the win, but Naymick scored 6 consecutive points for Aris, sending the point difference to 12, 2 minutes before the buzzer. Vezenkov scored 13p. for Aris and led the way in offense and for the other side Fitzpatrick had 21.