Thomas Heurtel Barcelona
Photo: Twitter/Barcelona

In an unexpected move, Barcelona reportedly didn’t permit Thomas Heurtel to return to Spain after the team’s game in Istanbul against Anadolu Efes. As Jose Huguet first reported, the player stayed in Istanbul with Barcelona punishing Heurtel for something he did.

Heurtel is towards the exit of the Spanish club with Fenerbahce being a potential destination. What Barcelona didn’t know was that Fenerbahce is not Heurtel’s next team, after all. The player had reportedly secretly agreed to sign with Real Madrid while Barcelona thought that the player was leaving to join Fenerbahce. It seems that the player had even asked his coach to travel to Istanbul in order to reach an agreement with Fenerbahce.

The main issue is that both Heurtel’s transer and Westermann’s from Fenerbahce to Barcelona are now being in the air since both players are coming from the same agent and Fenerbahce is also thinking to stop the transfer.