LeBron James, Bronny James
Photo: Jay LaPrete/Associated Press

It is inevitable for Bronny James to be compared to his superstar father LeBron. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas shared his thoughts on 16-year-old James Jr. comparing him to LeBron.

Arenas recalled a story when the Los Angeles Lakers superstar asked him to look at Bronny practicing and tell LeBron what he thought about his son’s game.

“I watched them [Bronny and Bryce] and texted him: ‘Don’t even worry,’ Arenas recalled texting LeBron on The Complex Sports Podcast. “‘He’s you. From what I can tell right now, he probably has a better shot than you did. Dribbles better than you. You guys probably have the same passing ability. You are probably faster, taller. He probably jumps higher.’ And he said ‘Dead on!’

“And I said ‘The difference between you and him at this point is you needed basketball to get out of where you were getting out of. He doesn’t need basketball because you did it already.'”

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