Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

After coming back from a devastating Achilles injury in the 2019 Finals against the Toronto Raptors, how good will he be? Many fans think that KD won’t be the same player after such a serious injury, but I disagree.

When doing a simple crossover, KD’s Achilles just popped, and at that moment, he was out for a full season.

In reality, he never should’ve played in that game in the first place, as he injured his calf in Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals against the Rockets.

But with the NBA pre-season starting a few nights ago, we got to see KD out on the court after over a year of not seeing him play. And well, it’s almost like he never left. His jumping ability still seems to be there and that’s because he injured his right Achilles, which is not his jumping leg. He may not be as agile as he used to be but his jumping should be relatively unchanged. Then people are also forgetting that this guy was one of the best shooters in the league when he last played and I expect him to come back shooting the same.

As a whole, KD is one of the most versatile scorers we have ever seen so I’m just glad we finally get to watch him play again. He and Kyrie should really pose a threat in the Eastern Conference this season and I wouldn’t be shocked if we see them Finish the Number 1 seed. As long as they both stay healthy, they’ll be one of the most dangerous teams on the offensive end but another question that people want answering is how well will Kyrie and KD play together?

Kyrie has become notorious for being a bad teammate and it’s quite unfortunate really. When he was on the Cavaliers, with LeBron James, he was a great second man, but nothing more. Kyrie wanted to be the main guy on a team, though, and since left for Boston. He was great in Boston, but issues with team chemistry, and how he was as a teammate, meant it was time for him to move elsewhere and Brooklyn, New York was his choice. Kyrie has since slated LeBron saying that he felt like he was the ‘best option on every team [he’s] played down the stretch’. Since that comment by Kyrie, LeBron has since come out and said that it did hurt him and that he only ever wanted the best for Kyrie, on and off the court. Even with their struggles though, they still brought a Championship back home to Cleveland though.

So do I think that KD and Kyrie can work together well? It doesn’t really matter if they get on really well, as the talent on a team generally matters more than how well the players get on. So even if they aren’t the best of friends, I still have a very high ceiling for them. That being the 2021 Championship.