Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving
Photo: Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are expected to be among the teams which can win the title this season, having two of the best offensive players in the league in Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

On one of Irving’s recent Instagram Lives, his new star teammate Kevin Durant made an appearance and quizzed Irving good-naturedly about a previous conversation, noting that Irving once said he wanted eight post-ups per night — four in each half.

(via Yahoo Sports):

“You told me once we decided to play for the Nets that you needed four post-ups a night — I mean eight post-ups a night, four each half,” Durant said. “I think that’s too much for a 6[-foot-]1 point guard. I think that might hold up our offense. I wonder why you decide to play more of a big than your normal position.”

“In my past life, like I said, I was you. I was you. What you are now, that’s what I’m up here,” Irving said while pointing to his head. “Same mentality.”

“I don’t think that’s good for the continuity of our offense if our point guard always want to be underneath the rim,” Durant replied.

Irving agreed and reduced the number to seven post-ups per game.

“Yeah, we gonna see though,” Durant said. “We’ll see.”