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CJ McCollum ordered Kings coach Luke Walton to put his mask on during Friday’s preseason game vs. Blazers

Photo: NBA.com

Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum did not let Luke Walton slide after the Sacramento Kings head coach pulled his mask below his mouth during the preseason game between the two teams on Friday night.

The contest was pretty much an uneventful one, barring McCollum’s reminder, with the Blazers winning 127-102 off a strong night from Carmelo Anthony (21 pts, 4 reb, 2 ast in 23 mins off the bench).

The guard was seated on his team’s bench when he noticed Walton’s slip up and wasted no time telling him to get the mask back up there. Walton also wasted no time obliging. McCollum tweeted a reminder following the game.

The NBA recorded zero COVID-19 cases in the bubble earlier this year but things will be markedly harder during the upcoming season, with teams returning to their respective arenas for games. So far, the league has recorded several positive tests, something they’re resigned to playing through considering the indiscriminate nature of the respiratory disease.

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