Pistons’ Blake Griffin shares his thoughts on role in a young team

Photo: Getty Images

The Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin is coming back, after an injury filled year. The All-Star was limited to 18 games due to a knee injury.

Griffin is set to return this season with a dual role for the Detroit Pistons, as they retooled the roster bringing young promising players in.

While addressing reporters during Day 1 of the Pistons’ media week, the multi-time All-Star acknowledged his mentoring role ahead of the 2020/21 season.

(via Detroit Free Press):

As far as coming back and playing, my agenda isn’t to come out and score as many points and shoot as many baskets as possible,” Griffin said. “It’s never that. It’s to be a complete player, be a leader, when you’re asked to score, score, when you’re asked to do something else, you do that. I don’t think those are two conflicting ideas. You can still be a mentor, you can still develop the young guys.”

Griffin spent most of the previous year rehabbing, after he underwent surgery on his left knee back in January. During his time away, the Pistons hired a new general manager in Troy Weaver and remade the roster.

Now, the Detroit franchise hopes for a new start after remaining out of playoff contention the last few seasons.