Steven Adams
Photo: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Pelicans acquired Steven Adams from the Oklahoma City Thunder to pair him with Zion Williamson in their front court.

Many pundits around the league expressed certainty that the trade for the big from New Zealand was a move to the right direction for the Pelicans.

But no all are convinced it will yield positive results. During the NBA Show podcast, basketball analysts John Hollinger and Nate Duncan expressed their doubts on Adam’s acquisition by the Pels.


Duncan: “I thought the Steven Adams (trade) was absolutely assinine.”

Hollinger: “I completely agree, A. why are you giving up a first and two seconds for almost any 5 in the NBA B. you’re playing *this* guy next to Zion? You already have no shooting.”

New Orleans added a veteran presence and a good rebounder in Adams, as they are expecting Zion Williamson to be healthy and focused on producing in offense the upcoming season.

The franchise has limited success in the postseason, but by adding more experienced players to surround their young core, the Pelicans are hoping for a playoff berth in the next postseason.