Bogdan Bogdanovic Sacramento Kings
Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press

The Milwaukee Bucks and Bogdan Bogdanovic are upset with each other after the recent developments regarding the sign-and-trade deal.

Even though the Bucks and the Sacramento Kings had a deal in place that would send Bogdanovic to Milwaukee, the Serbian guard never agreed to it. Therefore, the deal is very close to collapsing and the two sides are upset with each other.

“‘I think there’s a fair amount of displeasure between the two sides in terms of the Bucks and Bogdan’s camp,’ The Athletic’s Sam Amick said Wednesday on The Athletic NBA Show.

For his part, Bogdanovic is expected to enter restricted free agency on Friday, November 20.

The initial report regarding the deal between the Bucks and Bogdanovic brought some excitement to the fans of Milwaukee, who want to see their team reach the NBA Finals next season.

Even though several online sportsbooks already consider the Bucks a title contender next season, the team needs to make changes to its roster.

One of them was the acquisition of Jrue Holiday via trade from the New Orleans Pelicans, which brought one of the best two-way players of the league to Milwaukee. It also made several canadian online casinos update the Bucks’ championship odds.

At the same time, signing both Holiday and Bogdanovic would be a sign that the front office is doing its best to show Giannis Antetokounmpo they want to create a great roster next season.

The back-to-back NBA MVP is eligible to a contract extension this offseason, worth $230-240, and has until December 21 to sign it. If he declines it, he will become an urestricted free agent in 2021.

The best us online casinos already predict Antetokounmpo will eventually sign the extension, yet nothing is guaranteed until the Bucks made the right moves in free agency.