Photo: Denver Post

Clyde Drexler opened up about his decision to leave the Portland Trail Blazers and join the Houston Rockets back in 1995.

Drexler, who is considered one of the best players in Blazers history, left the team, because Portland ‘were starting to rebuild’.

“The only reason I left Portland, they were starting to rebuild. Because after all those great years, I had some injury on my knee, and they kinda gave up a little bit too soon. And so they started rebuilding.

They got rid of Kevin Duckworth, and I was like ‘Hold up guys, we don’t have a center’. And then they started saying, ‘We need to rebuild. We need to trade some of these veterans while they can still play so that we can get something for them.’

And that’s when I orchestrated the trade to Houston. But if they had not done that, I would have finished my career there,” Drexler said during his appearance on the The Posecast James Posey Podcast.

Drexler spent 12 years with the Blazers (1983-1995). He got traded to the Rockets in the middle of the 1994/95 season, helping Houston earn the NBA title in 1995.