Luka Doncic

NBA veteran Jamal Crawford is impressed with the Dallas Mavericks young superstar Luka Doncic. In a recent interview with SeeHendo, the 40-year-old shooting guard called Doncic ‘special’ due to his natural feel for the game that cannot be taught.

Crawford, who last played for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA bubble, admitted that Doncic is one of his favorite players to watch. Luka has taken the league by storm right from his debut season. In his second year, he already entered the MVP conversation.

Per Jeremy Chua of ClutchPoints:

“Special. Unbelievable. Even some of the great players, the feel he has for the game is uncanny. It’s a feel thing. It’s not something you can actually teach. You can teach how to play the game, what it is supposed to look like, things you’re supposed to do on the court, but his feel you can’t teach. That’s what makes him special. He is one of my favorites to watch.”

This past season, the 21-year-old Slovenian averaged 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game for the Mavericks, helping his team return to the playoffs.

Many analysts believe that Doncic is destined to win multiple MVP’s in his career over the coming years.