Photo: Associated Press

Sam Hinkie worked as a general manager and president of the Philadelphia 76ers for just four seasons, but left his mark by leading one of the most questionable NBA rebuilding projects ever.

The man behind “The Process” in Philadelphia talked on the possibility of working again in the NBA during his recent appearance on “ESPN Daily” with Pablo Torre.

“Oh, zero,” Hinkie said, via RealGM. “Zero. I’ve turned that chapter for sure. That part of my life. I very much like what I’m doing now. I like surrounding myself with people who think in sort of the timeframes I do, which is often longer.

That are quite comfortable with long feedback loops. That want to do the kinds of things I do, which is bet on young people and watch them flourish.”

Hinkie now runs a venture capital firm and appears to be quite content to stay there.

Listen to Hinkie’s full interview with Pablo Torre here: