The Philadelphia 76ers reportedly hired Daryl Morey as president of basketball operations, after the veteran GM decided to leave Houston.

The former Sixers’ GM and the inspirer of the infamous Process Sam Hinkie joined ESPN’s Pablo Torre two days after Morey, who was his former boss, joined the 76ers.

(via RealGM):

“I was stoked,” Hinkie said on his reaction to Morey joining Philadelphia. “I’m stoked now. I think it’s great news. He’s not a good hire. He’s a great hire.

It’s a really big move for the franchise. For a franchise I care a lot about. With a bunch of people I care a lot about. I just think it portends really great things for the future, for the Sixers. Which remains meaningful to me. So I’m stoked.”

Hinkie stayed with the Sixers for four seasons, before parting ways with the franchise in 2018. During this stint, the analytics’ admirer drafted Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, who are considered the main pieces of the franchise’s future.

While Hinkie’s way met a lot of criticism, no one can deny that it brought two superstar-caliber players to Philly. However, anything less than a championship for Philadelphia will be considered a failure, after four horrendous and historically bad seasons.

Here you can listen the full conversation between Torre and Hinkie with the former GM talking about the possibility of returning to the NBA, the Sixers, the Process and what project he is working on now.