Image via Getty/Sam Wasson

Multiple teams have reportedly asked the NBA to clarify important offseason dates other than the Nov. 18 draft, such as free agency.

There are reportedly rumors circulating that some free agents have already reached agreements for next season, according to Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports.

Teams have a history of negotiating deals behind the scenes before the official start of free agency periods, but this could be done on a larger scale this year, considering it’s an unpredictable and unprecedented offseason.

“I have already heard of a deal that’s been agreed to,” Brian Windhorst of ESPN said on The Hoop Collective podcast. “Who knows whether it’s true or not?”

“I had one agent – because I was talking about his free agent and salary projections, right? And he said, ‘Hey, you’re really low. I’ve already got two offers from two different teams,'” Bobby Marks of ESPN said on the podcast.

Nov. 22 or Nov. 23 could act as the official opening of free agency, Marks added.

The window for free agency continues to shrink due to next season potentially starting on Dec. 22.

While this free agent class isn’t the deepest that it has been in the past, some players could still be motivated to sign deals quickly because of the league’s unknown financial situation surrounding the salary cap.

Things in and around the NBA will move quickly in the next couple of months thanks to the shortened offseason.