LeBron James
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Former NBA champion Marreese Speights caused shockwaves on Twitter after sharing a meme which takes a shot at LeBron James.

The meme implies that LeBron has not reached the level of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. James won his fourth championship in 10 Φinals appearances. Both Kobe and MJ had three-peats (Jordan did it twice).

“Back then, we used to celebrate threepeats. Now kids are out there celebrating four titles in ten tries and call it greatness,” the meme says. “Just the messenger…,” Speights added.

After sharing the meme, Speights was attacked by people for his take. He got into discussion and had to explain his stance.

Eventually Speights tweeted that he is not taking shots at LeBron: “No shots to bron he is one of the best players to ever touch the court!!! I respect the game in the great players!!!!”

He further clarified his stance via a phone call with Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: “I’m not hating on LeBron. He’s a great player. For me to play against Kobe & Bron it’s like night and day. You gotta be respectful of Kobe & MJ’s name.”