Avery Bradley
Photo: Daniel Dunn, USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

Avery Bradley opened up about watching his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, claim the 2020 NBA championship.

Bradley, who opted out of the season restart so he could be with his son Liam, who has a history of respiratory illnesses, has no regrets about not playing and is very happy the Lakers won the title without him.

“Everyone was going crazy. Everyone was excited. My wife was excited. I think it is something that is hard, obviously, not being there. But I think from the beginning I’ve been able to be at peace.

He (Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka) was just letting me know I am a part of it. It has been a long season — and an amazing one. And we’ve been through a lot. It was just an amazing win. You could see it on his face,” Bradley said via ESPN.

Bradley has a player option worth $5,005,350 for next season and will likely pick it up.