Alex Caruso
Photo: NBA/Twitter

Despite going undrafted and going to the G League, Alex Caruso is now an NBA champion at the age of 26. Not only that, he also started in the closeout game for the Lakers.

After the game, the Lakers fan favorite talked about his path to the top. “It’s just work. I’ve been preparing, preparing, preparing for whatever stage that I needed to be on. It’s gone from learning how to play in the G League to getting NBA minutes and learning what’s that all about to earning my minutes and fighting for a spot in a rotation.

“And then, like you said, working my way in to where a coach has enough trust to start me in a closeout game in the Finals. Just a testament to the work. A lot of people helped me along the way. I would lie if I said I did it by myself. Just waking every day knowing where I want to be and getting there.”

Caruso also opened up about the champions’ party to celebrate the title. “Dudz [Jared Dudley] and JR [Smith] have great energy. That’s what they do they bring great energy, great comradery. You’ll probably have Dwight [Howard] as the DJ, team DJ. He’s always good on the tracks. I’mma play my compliment role and make sure everyone does their thing and make sure they’re doing well. We’ll see where the night takes us,” Caruso said on the party plans for the Lakers.