JJ Redick on Jimmy Butler: “I Loved Playing With Him”

JJ Redick Jimmy Butler
Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

JJ Redick opened up about playing with Jimmy Butler in the Philadelphia 76ers and explained why he is a special player.

Redick said he loved playing with Butler and his reputation of being a bad teammate was nothing close to reality.

“He is an interesting personality, and I think often times with Jimmy it can rub certain people the wrong way. I wish we could return to Philly, but they (the front office) decided otherwise.

He ended up in a perfect situation for him, he is in an environment that promotes everything he is about and he can just be himself and be comfortable.

Jimmy carried with him this reputation from Chicago and Minnesota, but within two weeks of him being in Philly, I said I am gonna hang out with him. It is interesting how reputation is not always reality,” Redick said during his appearance on the All The Smoke podcast.

Butler is fighting for the first NBA title of his career, as Miami is down 2-1 against the Lakers.