Rick Pitino
Photo: ESPN

Rick Pitino shared his thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers’ head coach Frank Vogel in his interview with Marc Berman of the New York Post.

The NCAA coaching legend acknowledged the NBA became a players’ league. With that in mind, Frank Vogel is the perfect coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, according to Pitino.

“It’s a player’s league, and he’s with two of the top five players,’’ Pitino said. “Frank is the perfect coach for those two guys and the team. He’s going to do all his work behind the scenes, get them ready, never be on camera, never get any credit.”

The Lakers are ahead 2-0 against the Heat in the NBA Finals series in Orlando. Vogel played at Kentucky for three seasons (1995-1998) under Rick Pitino, before taking up coaching.

The Lakers’ head coach reached out to Rick Pitino to seek advice regarding the Miami Heat zone defense. Judging by the way the Lakers’ team responded to Miami’s defensive schemes, Pitino might have influenced Vogel’s approach in the Finals.