Gary Payton: The Clippers should hire Ty Lue or Jason Kidd

Tyronn Lue
Photo: Yahoo Sports

NBA legend Gary Payton thinks the Los Angeles Clippers should hire one of the two former point guards as the next head coach, after parting ways with Doc Rivers.

According to Payton, the best options are Tyronn Lue, who worked as an assistant to Rivers this season, or Jason Kidd, who is an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Steve Ballmer is a very very energetic owner. He wants to win. That’s why he bought this team. So he’s gotta make a splash. He wants to overtake the Lakers,” former NBA champion said.

“What he’s gonna do I think he’s hire somebody. I think the best two for him to hire to make the splash would be Ty Lue or Jason Kidd. I think both of them two would be a great splash for people and people would be excited about these two guys. because they are… with Ty Lue he’s won a championship with LeBron.

“And then all of a sudden J-Kidd Hall of Famer big-time player and was very successful when he was coaching. I think that’s what Ballmer wants, I think that’s what Jerry West wants. I think they will go that route if they wanna make the splash.”