Shaquille O’Neal: Goran Dragic should get the same respect Chris Paul gets

Goran Dragic Heta Celtics
Photo: Twitter/NBA

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal thinks that Goran Dragic should be getting the same respect that Chris Paul gets after his playoff performances.

“I want to give props to Dragic. His name is not mentioned a lot now that he’s older. I think he should get the same respect as CP3 been getting. Older guy putting up numbers, doing a lot for his team,” Shaq said on TNT.

Fellow NBA legend Charles Barkley was quick to disagree, calling such comparison an ‘insult’ to Paul, because Dragic had a good career while CP3 had a great career.

Shaq then explained he did not mean to compare the two players, he only wanted to say they should get the same respect for doing the same thing.