Billy Donovan on the reason behind departure from the Thunder

Photo: USA Today

Billy Donovan gave his introductory press conference as the Chicago Bulls’ head coach earlier. The veteran coach explained the reason behind his departure from Oklahoma.

Donovan explained that the Thunder going in to a rebuild or moving to a ready-made team were not the reasons behind his decision.

According to ESPN’s Eric Woodyard:

“I think those were things that were put out there about how I felt about a rebuild or not a rebuild, or I was looking for a ready-made team — that was really never ever about it for me,” Donovan said. “It was a lot more important for me, knowing my time had ended there, what was going to be the environment and the situation going forward.”

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s GM Sam Presti suggested the immediate future for the team was an issue for Donovan, while he cites “the situation going forward” as something that did seem to cause a conflict.

Whatever the reason behind Donovan’s decision was, the former Florida coach is going to Chicago hoping to lead the Bulls to a bright future.