Tyler Herro on potentially reaching the NBA Finals in rookie year: “I wanna do it for Jimmy”

Just one game away.

Tyler Herro and Jimmy Butler
Photo: Miami Herald

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro is on the brink of reaching the NBA Finals in his debut year, which would be quite something for the former Kentucky star. However, he says he wants to get there for teammate and “big brother” Jimmy Butler.

Herro scored 37 points to help the Heat to a 3-1 advantage over the Boston Celtics in Wednesday night’s Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Speaking after his immense performance, he admitted that getting to the Finals would mean “everything” to him, but claimed to be keener on seeing Butler make his first finals appearance.

“I more wanna do it for Jimmy, though,” he told Heat courtside reporter Jason Jackson after the game. “He’s been here before but he’s never got to the finals. I wanna do it for him; obviously, he’s been a great big brother to me since I’ve been in Miami and I know how much it means for him to win and I just wanna help him get there.”