Pat Riley Dwyane Wade
Photo: Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Dwyane Wade has no interest in replacing Miami Heat president Pat Riley and taking over the team.

Wade said he has no knowledge of the business and believes Riley still has plenty to offer despite his age (75).

“No. I think we’re going to have to roll him out. Look, I’ve heard him say a lot of things over my time. He said he wanted to build a team to get back to the championship. I see Riley just being there. That doesn’t mean someone else won’t eventually come in.

Like, who’s next? Who’s going to be the next person to be president of the team? They got to get to that point where they start molding somebody. Because I don’t think the Heat they’re going to bring anybody in from the outside. So it has to be somebody inside.

So who’s next? I don’t know if they’re molded someone yet or not. I live in California, man. I’m out here right now. Coaching is totally out of here.

But even when it comes to president, you’ve got to learn that business. I can text Riley and say, ‘Hey, I like this player. You should look at him.’

This goes way bigger than that. You’ve got to know so much about the business. As players, we don’t know about all that. I don’t want that life right now,” Wade said, via Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

Wade and Riley won three NBA titles together (2006, 2012, 2013).