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Erik Spoelstra may be an NBA champion with the Miami Heat, but he still is underrated, according to the Miami Heat’s legend Dwyane Wade.

“He doesn’t get enough credit,” said the retired Heat star Dwyane Wade, per Anthony Chiang of Miami Herald. “But you guys know, Spo doesn’t care about the credit. He doesn’t care at all. But I mean, you look around the league.

I know he’s in Miami and he has been kind of raised through it. But if he was losing and he wasn’t a good coach, he wouldn’t still be there. We know Pat Riley. We know Pat Riley is cutthroat.

He would not still be there. So to be able to give him that grace period to kind of learn as a young coach, it was definitely beneficial. But he has taken that and he has run with it.”

Spoelstra and the Miami Heat need two more wins in the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Boston Celtics to advance in the NBA Finals.

If they get past Boston, this will be the first time the Heat are going to play for a title, since 2014 and the “Big-Three Era”.