Pascal Siakam Kyle Lowry
Photo: Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

Kyle Lowry gave his advice to Pascal Siakam to help him overcome his struggles on both ends of the floor.

Lowry urged his teammate in the Toronto Raptors to use criticism as fuel and get better.

“The advice I would give him: Look at everything. Find out who is saying what. You’re going to use it as fuel. I think this is a learning experience.

I think it’s only going to make him a better basketball player, a better man, a better everything. And I would not be surprised to see him come back even hungrier and destroying people.

When we got swept by the Wizards I read every single article. I read every single thing that was said about me – good, bad, evil, terrible, awesome, and I used it as motivation. And that’s what (Siakam) is going to do. That’s the advice I would give him,” Lowry told reporters after Game 7.