Photo: SkySports

Giannis Antetokounmpo had a great impact on Game 4 for the Milwaukee Bucks, despite playing limited minutes due to an ankle injury, according to George Hill.

George Hill praised Giannis’ competitive spirit, even if he was not able to play and help his team. The seasoned veteran claimed that the Bucks are going to build on that.

“His competitive drive makes us all better. He’s giving us everything he has. Even on one wheel, he’s trying to give us all he’s got,” Hill said during Monday’s media availability, as transcribed by Bleacher Report.

“Crazy part like yesterday when he twists his ankle again for the second time and he’s laying on the floor, and the competitive nature kicks in and we go over there and the first thing he said was, ‘I should have dunked it.’

That just shows, you know, he’s trying to lay it all out in line for us, and we got to do the same for him. So we rally around that. He gives us that competitive drive, that competitive spirit. We just try to build off that.”

With the Bucks down 3-1, they may need more than that to make a historic comeback from a 3-0 deficit. No team has ever advanced in that situation.