JJ Barea Dallas Mavericks
Photo: Alex Brandon/Associated Press

JJ Barea was frustrated with the lack of playing time with the Dallas Mavericks this season.

The guard of the Mavericks did not play much this season and hinted he may consider leaving Dallas in the offseason.

“I still want to play basketball, I feel like I can still play basketball. I don’t know exactly where. If it is going to be in Dallas, I know what they want is to move me to coach. If I want to play basketball, I have to go the other way.

For now I want to play in the NBA. I haven’t thought much about other options. There will be [options], but I am used to this life and the NBA. Spain is always an option.

It was my Plan B before I got to the NBA. That was many years ago,” Barea said, per HoopsHype.

Barea will be a free agent in the upcoming season.