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The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick ‘n’ Pod: “Quarter season gradings”

Adam and Jon decided it's about that time....where they can start giving teams grades for how they have started the season compared to how...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick ‘n’ Pod: The “Top 20” player carousel

Every season, there are roughly 20 players who get consideration as "elite", with their presence on a roster almost guaranteeing a playoff spot. Each...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick’n’Pod: Early season surprises and NBA G-League Draft Interviews

This week Adam and Jon are joined by two G-League draft hopefuls in Jaire Grayer and Kethan Savage to discuss their thoughts on today's...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick’n’Pod: Finishing the Eastern Conference Over/Under

This week, Adam and Jon finish off their over/under predictions for the Eastern Conference, and discuss some of the early pre-season games. https://open.spotify.com/episode/196ormQjjv8g6WOWFe0hzq Follow The Pick...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick ‘n’ Pod: Hot Story Lines heading into the NBA season

On this weeks episode of The Pick'N'Pod podcast, Adam and Jon break down the hot storylines heading into the NBA season. From Hayward sign-and-trade,...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick’n’Pod: The insanity of NBA Free-Agency

This week, Adam and Jon get together to discuss the absolute insanity of NBA Free-Agency. Looking at winners, losers, and weird decision makers, the...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick ‘n’ Pod: NBA Trade Season, The Draft, And Free Agency With Keith...

Adam Taylor and Jon Macri are joined by Yahoo Sport's NBA Insider Keith Smith (@KeithSmithNBA) to discuss the finer points of the salary cap...
The Pick 'n' Pod

The Pick ‘n’ Pod: The league re-start with Howard Beck

For this week's episode, Adam and Jon are joined by NBA Insider Howard Beck. Discussing the reasoning behind the NBA decision for a December...
James Harden Russell Westbrook

What’s to come for the Houston Rockets?

Adam Taylor and Jonathan Macri kick-off this debut episode of The Pick'n'Pod by breaking down the news surrounding the Houston Rockets. Looking at their...
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