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Unicaja announces McIntyre

Now everything seems to be official. Unicaja Malaga officially announced Terrell McIntyre on a deal that will keep the 33-year old point guard in...

McIntyre not a done deal for Unicaja

Greek website superbasket.gr contacted Siena's Presiden, Ferdinando Minucci and Terrell McIntyre's manager Craid Spitzer. Let's see what they had to say about the situation....

Unicaja renews with Berni, one step away from McIntyre

Unicaja Malaga officially announced the agreement with one of the club's icons and their current captain, Berni Rodriguez. The duration of the contract is...

Unicaja looking to add McIntyre

With most of their backcourt gone, Unicaja Malaga are looking to add players in the perimeter and the number 1 target of Head Coach...

Unicaja lays eyes on McIntyre, Perovic

Zabian dowdell and Gary Neal will most likely not continue with Unicaja Malaga and the planning for next season is well underway. Main targets...

McIntyre and Jaaber wanted by Unicaja

Unicaja have already started the search for a potential replacement for Omar Cook. According to Spanish media, the favourite to run the point next...

Efes interested in Andersen

David Andersen obviously did not find the playing time he was looking for in the NBA (14.1 minutes) and is reported to be entertaining...

Olympiacos withdraws offer for Robinson, focuses on McIntyre

Olympiacos was seriously interested in NY Knicks NBA star Nate Robinson offering him a two year contract worth a total of $9 millions (and...

Olympiacos sets eyes on Hansen

After Terrell McIntyre, Ramunas Siskauskas, Anthony Parker and Rimantas Kaukenas, Travis Hansen surfaced as a new name to be linked with Olympiacos. Since...
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