McIntyre not a done deal for Unicaja

Greek website contacted Siena’s Presiden, Ferdinando Minucci and Terrell McIntyre’s manager Craid Spitzer. Let’s see what they had to say about the situation.

Ferdinando Minucci:

“It is close to midnight and I don’t have the buyout money on my bank account, nor do i have an official offer in my hands. Thus after midnight, the player is mine, he belongs to Siena and I can whatever I want. The player has a 250k euro buyout, but there is a clause in the contract that Siena can match any offer and keep the player, either to play for the club or in order to receive other offers for him. As of now I have not received any official offer and so the player belongs to Siena. But even if I receive an offer I can match it and keep the player. I don’t know if Panathinaikos or Olympiacos want McIntyre, but I don’t believe that Unicaja could get him. It is odd.”

Before we continue with further statements something needs to be noted. Unicaja probably sent the official offer today per mail. That mail is legit for the 29th of June and valid for the 250k buyout clause. But it could arrive in Siena after several days. Which means that up to then Terrell McIntyre belongs to Siena who in any case can still match the offer and keep him or further negotiate with other clubs. Now let’s see what Ferdinando Minucci had to say about that.

“I am in excellent terms with both Panathinaikos and Olympiacos. If Panathinaikos wants to acquire the player there is still time. 250k is not too much for Panathinaikos. I do think so, especially for the best guard in Europe last season. Let Panathinaikos come and I am sure we can work it out. What I do know is that the player doesn’t want to go to Malaga. If he had to choose between us and Malaga, he would surely stay with Siena.”

All this means that if Panathinaikos (or any other team) shows real interest within the next days, everything is open and the signed contract Unicaja have in their hands is not worth very much. That could also explain the lack of an official announcement.

Further confirmation came from Terrell McIntyre’s manager, Craig Spitzer:

“Honestly, you have to believe me. This case is so complicated that I can’t say anything. The only fact is that there is a buyout of 250k until the 29th of June. And that Siena can match the offer and keep the player. Nothing further…”

In addition to all this Zeljko Obradovic, cut his vacation in Sardenia short and returned to Athens. Essentially the case is the following: Panathinaikos is still waiting for Spanoulis’ answer in order to make further moves for the perimeter. Spanoulis in turn is taking his time. If Spanoulis agrees to stay with the Greens and Jasikevicius also, then Panathinaikos will most likely not make a move for McIntyre. If Spanoulis leaves Panathinaikos and joins Olympiacos, the Greens will make a move for McIntyre. Hence the return of Obradovic. Panathinaikos are not willing to wait for Spanoulis for more than a couple of days as this would mean that they will lose their first option after Spanoulis. And they could even end up losing both players. It is logical to expect that the Spanoulis case could be resolved as soon as tomorrow, when also the official announcement of Dusan Ivkovic is expected.