Paul George Clippers
Photo: Twitter/NBA

The LA Clippers released a hype video before the playoffs kick off tomorrow which displayed the title hopeful’s grind this season. This season has been something that the NBA has never seen before in which they had to relocate all the games to one neutral site. The Clippers, who are a title favorite, have been working on building chemistry and that was disturbed by the hiatus.

The Clippers were able to have a good restart, though, and that has brought back the hype before the restart. Those eight games were used to find different methods to win in the playoffs. The team decided to let their talent shine. They found that Paul George and Kawhi Leonard will have to carry the load for them to win the whole thing.

According to ESPN, George said on Saturday:

“I mean, we want to win the championship,” George said. “That’s the reason we committed to be here. It’s as simple as that. We should have one goal and we have one goal, and that’s to win it.”

Per ESPN, Leonard said on Saturday:

“We’re still in the journey. We just got to keep enjoying each day and the process.”

The Clippers are on a mission these playoffs and they know just how to attack the beast that is the Orlando bubble. The Lakers are the team that has ruled LA for so long. Now, it looks like with the newfound talent and direction the team is going that the city of LA is behind the upstart Clippers.