Frank Vogel on playing LeBron James and Anthony Davis in remaining seeding games

Frank Vogel

The Los Angeles Lakers have already clinched the number one spot in the Western Conference. There are still five seeding games left to play for the Purple and Gold, but there is nothing to play for in terms of regular season standings.

The Lakers head coach Frank Vogel was asked by the media whether he plans to play his two superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the remaining seeding games.

“We haven’t made any final decisions yet. The plan right is to play those guys,” Vogel said. “We still have a lot of areas to continue to improve before we feel like we are ready to win games in the playoffs. and to be at the level that we want to reach. For us we’re still in habit building mode and continuing to just iron things out that we’re not quite where we were when the hiatus hit. So our mindset is to continue to play our guys and to get there.”

The remaining five seeding games for the Lakers will be against the Thunder (Aug 5), Rockets (Aug 6), Pacers (Aug 8), Nuggets (Aug 10) and Kings (Aug 13).