Yesterday, former NBA superstar, Allen Iverson, appeared on “The Fat Joe Show”, and told Fat Joe he would choose LeBron James over Michael Jordan.

He stated: “As much as I love Michael Jordan… man LeBron James is the one dawg. He’s the one, man. That mother****** is the one.”

This is an ongoing debate. Every basketball fan has a different opinion, and stats don’t tell the story, but it does say something. LeBron James, in his 17th season, leads Jordan in every statistical category except for steals. LeBron James is a rare breed, and is aging like wine, so he should eventually pass him as he is only 500 away.

Jordan, on the other hand, is undefeated (6-0) in the Finals, which speaks for itself. LeBron is currently chasing his fourth NBA title. Does LeBron need to win more rings than MJ to kill the debate? This would be the only thing stopping him from everyone calling him the greatest of all-time.