Darren Collison
Photo: Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press

Darren Collison decided to retire last season in an unexpected turn of events considering the fact that the former Pacers’ guard was an established role player in the NBA.

A few months back, the former NBA guard attended a Lakers’ game alongside franchise’s governor Jeannie Buss. However, Collison revealed he went to Staples Center to see his friend Russell Westbrook playing.

After that night, several speculations surfaced, but in his latest appearance in “Minute Til 6” podcast, the veteran guard said he never thought of coming back during the 2019-2020 season.

“When I went, it just so happened that that they made this hoopla about me trying to play for the Lakers…but there was not one time was I thinking about coming back, because mentally I was just wasn’t in that right frame of mind,” Collison said.

However, Collison revealed several teams approached him to inquire about his services for the NBA season restart. At the same time, the former Pacers’ guard claimed he will reassess any decision to return the game the next season.