Rudy Gobert says he wasn’t the first player to contract coronavirus


The NBA postponed the season after Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert tested positive for coronavirus back in March.

The Defensive Player of the Year candidate expressed his belief that he wasn’t the first NBA player to contract the virus.

Ben Golliver of The Washington Post:

“The media portrayed it like I caused the NBA to shut down,” Gobert told The Washington Post in an extended interview Friday. “Instead of saying that it’s a pandemic and Rudy Gobert tested positive. For a lot of people who don’t think further than what’s put in their faces, they really thought I brought the coronavirus to the United States.”

The Jazz big man was vilified for his irresponsible behaviour, a few days before testing positive on March 11, as he was caught on camera touching a table full of reporters’ microphones.

Gobert believes he wasn’t the first to get the virus in the NBA, as he said during his interview with Ben Golliver.

“He tried to piece together how he had contracted the virus, concluding that it probably happened on the road trip in New York, Boston or Detroit. He wondered how it was possible that other members of the Jazz didn’t test positive given that he shared locker rooms with his teammates and received massages from team staffers. As he recovered, he concluded that he probably wasn’t the first NBA player to contract the virus – just the first to return a positive test.”

Gobert experienced mild symptoms, before recovering from COVID-19, while Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell followed him in testing positive.

After four months, Gobert will be one of the first to get back on the court officially, as the Utah Jazz face the Pelicans in the NBA season restart tonight.