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The Denver Nuggets faced the Orlando Magic and lost 114-110. A healthy surprise was the fact that the 2018 first-round pick Michael Porter Jr. dropped 19 points in the game. Porter Jr. could be the third scorer that they need.

The Nuggets need a third option on the wing that can create their own shot and hit spot-up jumpers. In the game against the Magic, Porter Jr. displayed that ability. The Nuggets know what they are getting in Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray, but they will need another top draft pick to pan out.

According to Harrison Wind of Denver Sports, Porter Jr. said about the game:

“It’s the first time I’ve played 5-on-5 against NBA players (since March 11). The time off was good. I had that ankle injury. I healed that up and I feel great.”

Porter Jr. missed his first season in the league with a back injury. He has been able to show flashes this season and the Orlando gameplay could put his career where he needs to be. He is one of the rising stars to watch in the restart.