Colin Cowherd: “Without LeBron James, the Lakers are a reality show”

LeBron James
Photo: ESPN/YouTube

Sports analyst Colin Cowherd assessed the Los Angeles Lakers after their loss to the Dallas Mavericks in the first scrimmage. According to him, the Lakers without LeBron James are ‘a reality show’ and a ‘mess’. He went as far as to say if LeBron manages to win the title with this team, Cowherd would consider him the GOAT.

“And I look at the Lakers and I’m like good God, if you took out LeBron out of this lineup, it’s a reality show. He is the super glue to a mess,” Cowherd said.

“Kyle Kuzma was awful last night. I like Danny Green. But he’s 33. He’s old. I like Anthony Davis, a lot. But he’s brittle. This roster JaVale McGee, Dion Waiter, J.R. Smith, Dwight Howard and KCP if it was a reality show, if this was Hard Knocks, sign them to a lifetime deal. This is a mess. It really is.”