Photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Sacramento Kings suffered a big loss when budding young star Marvin Bagley III went out with a foot sprain. The injury is a damaging injury to a basketball player especially because it really never goes away. Bagley’s teammate Buddy Hield came to his aide during his difficult time.

Marvin Bagley averaged 14.2 points and 7.5 rebounds per game this season. These are great averages for a young big man and he would have benefitted greatly from the Orlando experience. Knowing how bad the injury is for Bagley, Hield stepped in and decided to add words of comfort.

According to The Sacramento Bee Hield said:

“Marvin’s a great kid, too. I talked to him a long time after I figured out what happened. You know everything happens for a reason, God doesn’t make any mistakes. You know what would be really good, too? Y’all could stop reporting on everything because he’s a kid and he’s going through stuff right now and he’s trying to get his mind right.”

“The more the media talks about it, just messes his head up because he’s trying to go out there and prove himself to everybody. The more everybody relaxes off the topic, let him get his body right, get his mind right, he comes back and dominates, you’re going to say Marvin is doing good. As a young kid, he’s going through a lot right now and mentally trying to get over this hump. He’ll get over this hump for sure.”

An injury like this is the media’s job to report. It is understandable that Bagley is reeling from this injury and it is good to see his teammates speaking up for him. The Sacramento Kings will try and go out there and play without him though.