Report: NBA to fine players 1% of salary per game missed if they break quarantine

That should set them straight.

Photo: Kimani Okearah

The NBA will fine players one percent of their salary for each game missed if they break quarantine in Orlando.

That is according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, who reports the league will implement the penalty once seeding games begin later this month.

Sacramento Kings center Richaun Holmes became the first player to contravene quarantine rules when he inadvertently crossed a boundary to pick up a meal and was placed in quarantine for 10 days. Per Marks, he would have lost nearly $50,000 for every game missed based on the percentage.

With games set to come thick and fast when seeding begins at the end of the month, a quarantined player could potentially miss all of his team’s eight games.

Hopefully, this stipulation will help deter players, who have intentions of leaving the bubble on their own terms.