Photo: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Beverley is known for his super-energized play and his incredible hustle on the court. The Los Angeles Clippers guard said the reason behind his intensity is his willingness to play every opponent like playing with the “KD Warriors”.

Beverley joined Whistle Sports’ “Work From Home” podcast and shared his perspective on his on-court intensity.

“I’m treating everybody the same,” Beverley said. “Every team I play, I’m playing them like we playing Golden State when they had Kevin Durant. Every point guard I play, I’m playing Steph Curry. Every shooting guard I’m playing, I’m playing James Harden. Every three-man I’m playing, I’m playing LeBron and KD,” Beverley noted, per the Score.

The Clippers are considered one of the favorites to reach the NBA Finals in the season restart, with Beverley’s spirit being essential for his team, especially after a three-month hiatus.