As the NBA and NBPA are finalizing terms on the return-to-play plan, there’s a faction of players discussing if the restart is a good idea.

Several dozen players participated in a conference call in the last 24 hours to discuss it, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

The league and the NBPA are expected to agree on a provision that wouldn’t require players to restart the season, nor subject them to discipline for staying home, Wojnarowski added.

Those players would lose a portion of salary for those games missed.

Players have voiced certain concerns including family concerns, COVID-19, social justice and more.

In terms of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Wojnarowski also reported how the league will handle a player having a medical issue:

“If a player has a medical issue that might be cause for him to be excused from the Orlando restart, he would be allowed to undergo an independent examination process. Even if the player was told that he’s fit to play, he could still stay home without consequence.”

– Adrian Wojnarowski

The NBA’s current plan is to have players’ families join them in Orlando after the first round of playoffs.

Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press tweeted that he has heard “many” players are unhappy about those plans, as concerns about separation from their families for several weeks are real:

The NBA return plan will also maintain a steady number of 1,600 people in the “bubble” at a time.

Coronavirus cases appear to be increasing in Orange County, Florida where the NBA’s return will take place, as Reynolds notes.

It remains to be seen how serious these new developments could be and just how many players are reluctant to participate, as the NBA continues to gear up for a restart in about a month-and-a-half.