Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Photo: Twitter / The Hill

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar talked on racial discrimination issues and the protests all over the United States for George Floyd’s death in the hands of the Minesota police.

Jabbar shared his experience on 1964 Harlem riots, after a young black boy shot and killed by a police officer.

“It turned into a riot,” Abdul-Jabbar said Tuesday on the “Rich Eisen Show”, per NJ.com. “I could have got shot. Being out on the street was dangerous. And it hasn’t changed any. It’s the same exact issue,” Jabbar concluded.

“The criminal justice system is tainted with racism from top to bottom,” he continued on George Floyd’s death. “It discriminates and it makes people suffer. That has to end. We have to find a way how to make criminal cops accountable.

The overwhelming majority of cops are good cops, and they suffer, too, when bad cops do what they do. So we need to find some ways to hold bad cops accountable and keep them from destroying everything that they destroy … families, our trust in the law. That squanders all the good deeds of good cops. Something to be done about that.”

How to overcome discrimination according to Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

Furthermore, the NBA legend shared advise on how he thinks people should proceed in order to fight against the racial inequality.

“Understand their humanity and understand the difference in look,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “They might like chess or collecting stamps or whatever it is that you like. So you find out what we have in common in our great nation. It’s a wonderful place to do that.

We come together every day, especially in the cities of our nation. People of incredibly varied backgrounds come together and work together and continue to make this the greatest nation in the world. That’s what America is about. We’ve got to keep that happening. We can’t let bias and discrimination just make a mess of it.”