Jayson Williams Accidently Killed His Limo Driver!

Photo: pinterest.com

Former NBA All-Star, Jayson Williams, invited his limo driver into his mansion after a long night in 2002. Williams provided his limo driver, Gus Christofi, with a mansion tour since he had never seen the house before. Williams recalls entering a room and showing his shotgun off to Gus. Williams thought the gun was unloaded but he was sadly mistaken. The gun went off and killed Gus instantly after he fired it. Williams, on an interview with 60 minutes, said: “If there was any way to bring Mr. Christofi back, I would do it.”

Williams felt awful about the situation, but there was no escaping the consequences for what he had done. He served a 18-month prison sentence and was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter. He also pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. Williams also said in the interview that he drank “a fifth of moonshine” to cope with his mental issues.