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In an appearance on Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson podcast, former NBA player and current basketball coach, Scott Burrell, talked about the New Jersey Nets days, playing for the Bulls, Chicago recent documentary, and more.

During the podcast, Burrell shared his thoughts on the late 90s Nets, which had young but talented players like Jayson Williams, Stephon Marbury, Keith Van Horn, and Kendall Gill, per

“We were close to being really good!… We were just young. Keith Van Horn, Stephon Marbury… our starting five was really young. And I think if they just got some more pieces and let us grow together, we could’ve been good. I think they just didn’t give us enough time for that team to grow and learn how to compete together.”

Burrell also talked on the difference between playing for the Chicago Bulls and the Nets:

“I would say the motivation to be great every night or every day. Playing in Chicago, there are NO days off. It’s be at your best. Compete EVERY night you step on the court. Be at your best mentally. Knowing our plays, our schemes on defense, and just being able to compete at the highest level every day and hopefully, it carried over into the game.”