Malcolm Delaney Armani
Photo: Olimpia Milano

Another great addition for Olimpia Milano was officially announced. Malcolm Delaney has officially signed a two-year contract with Armani. The team from Milano completed another big transfer, signing Delaney.

The American guard, who played in Barcelona last season, in his first interview as a player of Milano, was excited about this new start and thanked coach Messina for the opportunity.

“I just want to say how happy and excited I am to start a new journey and challenge for myself, as well as being a part of a powerful project being put together by a historic club – Delaney said. “I can’t wait to get to my new home, in the great city of Milan.”

His winning mentality and his scoring ability are definitely some characteristics that will help Armani achieve its goals in the upcoming Euroleague season.

“Malcolm Delaney is a proven player, he’ll bring to us winning mentality and experience – Olimpia’s general manager Christos Stavropoulos says. “We identified very early that he was player we needed and we are happy he will be part of our team.”